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GROWER has successfully developed a methodology to cultured XXL size cordyceps mushroom, which we call the King Cordycep Mushroom. Our King Cordycep mushroom is 100% DNA identical to natural species, due to its extra large sizes, they are exceptionally flavorful, meaty texture and nutritious.

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Several taste test were conducted at Lei Garden (Michelin Star) with resounding success. Guest were very surprise with its size, the King Cordycep Mushroom’s texture and most importantly the flavor.


For hundred of years, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other Asians have been using Cordyceps as potent medicine and health tonic.


Independent lab test results shows our King Cordycep Mushrooms contains very good levels of key cordycepin and adenosine active compounds.


In many recent university’s experiments, these 2 key active Cordyceps compounds have shown benefits in effectively reducing blood sugar, increases one’s general immunity and other health benefits.

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