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Quick Easy Nutritious Cordycep Rice

15mins Immune Boosting Cordycep Soup

Easy & Delicious ways to consume Cordycep 


Question: How much cordycep and how must I consume?

Answer: Grower Agritech's Cordycep has high levels of active ingredients. For regular health maintenance, between 1.5g - 3g portion per person. 2 - 3 times per week. When you have a flu or cough, you may increase to1.5g - 3g every day for 1 week and reduce back to 2-3 times / week.* **

Question: How does Cordycep taste like?

Answer: Our King Cordycep Mushroom (powder or whole mushroom) has sweet flavor and taste. Many chef said it very similar to chanterelle mushroom.  

Question: What is the easiest way to prepare Cordycep?

Answer: Cordycep Tea. Mix 1.5g - 3g into hot water, stir, cover and rest 5 mins. You can add more hot water and enjoy your tea several times.

Question: Is the Cordycep mushroom edible?

Answer: Of course they can be eaten. Rehydrated King Cordycep Mushroom has a nice texture and mouthfeel, as mentioned smell and taste like chanterelle mushroom.


King Cordycep Mushroom Food Safety Resul

Food Safety Test

Lab Report Fruiting Body Cordycep.JPG

Active Ingredients Test Results

* In the event you are ill, please see your local doctor.

** The use of Cordycep is only for health supplemental purpose only. 

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