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Resolving Truffle Fruiting Matrix

We have developed an in-vitro cultivation methodology which replicates the natural environment for truffle mating and fruiting bodies. This new process of TVF inoculation and incubation would allow us to grow various species of truffles within indoor farms, anywhere in the world, on-demand and fresh truffles all year round.

Truffle Sampling.jpeg
Truffle Spore 1.jpeg

Sustainable & Scalable

Current truffle farms need many hectares of speciality grown trees, the farms are also subjected to irregular weather, climate changes, pests and plant diseases. Global truffle supply is estimated 180 Tons annually.
Grower's TVF is efficient and sustainable. 1 sq cube volume is able to produce over 300 grams of truffles. 

Truffle Spore 3.jpeg


Decentralized Truffle Farms

Grower's TVF system is designed as modular "Plug and Plant". 

Our small Smart Grow Systems (SGS) are designed to be located within urban cities. SGS will supply the freshest truffles to chefs, restaurants operators, specialty grocery shops and other end-users directly.

Centralized Truffle Farms with high crop yield will supply truffles to food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and producers of various truffle derived products.  

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