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#TAG TheApothecaryGoods is a range of products by Grower Agritech Pte Ltd, specializing in the formulation and manufacture of health & wellness products, using natural & sustainable ingredients, many grown within our farms.

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Welcome to
the New Normal.

Safety measures, such as mask wearing, at least for the next couple of years, is expected.

But it doesn’t have to be insufferable.


Prolong Mask Wearing

‘Maskne’ , ‘Maskrash’ & ‘Mask-breath’

‘Maskne’ is acne, and ‘Maskrash’ is a rash, formed in areas due to friction, pressure, stretching, rubbing or occlusion. 

You find these in the areas covered by the mask and also the areas where the mask touches the skin.

#maskne #maskrash #maskbreath

The Solution.

#TAG   Mask Refresh


Ideal for people who wear face masks for prolonged periods.

Reduces ‘maskne’ & ‘maskrash’.

Eliminates ‘mask-breath’. Hydrates, smooths & cools

Skin & mask friendly water-based formulation protects your skin & mask.

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The Formula

Packed with nature’s most potent active ingredients in skincare.

Targeting your skin concerns for a healthier & clearer complexion.

  • Anti-microbial

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Anti-irritation

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-acne

  • Anti-aging

  • Oxygenating

  • Moisturizing / Hydrating

  • Skin-smoothing

  • UV protection

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Ready for counter & shelf display POS folding box of 12 #TAG Mask Refresh

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